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Understanding Pediatric Heart Sounds
2nd edition
Steven Lehrer, MD  

Understanding Pediatric Heart SoundsTeaches how to examine the heart of a child, with a booklet and audio CD that reproduces heart sounds. Reviews the anatomy and physiology of a child's heart as well as principles of sound, hearing, and the proper use of the stethoscope. Details methods for history taking, performing a physical examination, and auscultating the heart.

“The author's clear style makes the book, and at least a good portion of the audiotape, eminently suitable for students, house staff, and practitioners who wish to enhance their listening skills for pediatric cardiovascular examination.”  New England Journal of Medicine  

Understanding Pediatric Heart Sounds 
By Steven Lehrer, MD; Associate Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York

W.B. Saunders
ISBN 0-7216-2387-5

Understanding Pediatric Heart Sounds  

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