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Hear Sounds

Understanding Lung Sounds
3rd Edition

Steven Lehrer, MD

Dr. Lehrer's book-and-audio CD package guides readers through the sounds and skills of chest auscultation. They get an easy-to-follow audio CD that presents actual lung sounds and an accompanying manual that gives them the background to understand what they hear. The reader will be better able to differentiate between normal and abnormal noises, detect pulmonary disorders early, and help plan a management strategy immediately. The 3rd Edition presents how to examine patients by auscultatory percussion, frequency differences between adults and children and the Fourier transformation method.

“The content is timely but relatively timeless; it will not soon go out of date.” 
Annals of Internal Medicine

Understanding Lung Sounds 
by Steven Lehrer, MD, Associate Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York

W.B. Saunders
160 pp

ISBN 0-7216-9597-3

April 2002