Africa Screams

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In Africa Screams (1949), Frank Buck made his last film appearance. Lou Costello plays the colorfully inept Stanley Livingstone, a meek book salesman who poses as a big-game hunter at the behest of his shifty pal Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott). It's all part of a scheme to extract some money from adventuress Diana Emerson (Hillary Brooke), who intends to search for a lost diamond mine in the heart of Africa. Stanley has committed to memory a long out-of-print book which contained a map to the mine. Despite his mortal fear of wild animals, Stanley accompanies Buzz, Diana, and Diana's henchmen on the African expedition. They meet a legendary giant orangutan, a cannibal tribe, and a friendly gorilla who falls in love Frank Buck meets Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Africa Screamswith Stanley. Buck and animal trainer Clyde Beatty make cameo appearances, while character comics Shemp Howard and Joe Besser provide laughs as, respectively, a nearsighted gunman and a sissified flunkie. Also on hand are boxer-brothers Max Baer and Buddy Baer, who engage in an amusingly unconvincing display of fisticuffs. But the film belongs to Abbott and Costello. Film critic Hal Erickson declares them to be in fine form.