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Wartime Sites in Paris
by Steven Lehrer

Historical places in Paris associated with World War II and the German Occupation, harrowing reminders, often unmarked, of a time of humiliation and privation, unspeakable cruelties and brutal murders, but also of heroism and hope
Wartime Sites in Paris by Steven Lehrer
Explorers of the Body
2nd Edition

by Steven Lehrer

Dramatic breakthroughs in medicine from ancient times to modern science
"An exceptionally good book, both amusing and educational."
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Nesthäkchen and the World War
by Else Ury
Translated, Introduced and Annotated by Steven Lehrer

First English translation of the most popular book by the beloved German Jewish children's author, who was murdered at Auschwitz in 1943.
Bring ’Em Back Alive
The Best of Frank Buck
Introduced and Edited by Steven Lehrer

Timeless classics of adventure and daring for anyone who "likes to sit on the edge of his chair and gasp for breath as his eyes eat up the print to see what happens next." New York Times Book Review
cover of Bring Em Back Alive
Wannsee House and the Holocaust
by Steven Lehrer

In an elegant suburban Berlin villa, Reinhard Heydrich, Adolf Eichmann, and thirteen other Nazi officials met in 1942 to plan Hitler's "final solution" of the "Jewish question," the murder of the Jews of Europe.
cover of Wannsee House and the Holocaust
Understanding Lung Sounds
3rd Edition
By Steven Lehrer

This book and audio CD package guides readers through the sounds and skills of chest auscultation.
Understanding Pediatric Heart Sounds
2nd Edition
By Steven Lehrer

This book and audio CD package teaches how to examine the heart of a child.
cover of Understanding Pediatric Heart Sounds
Hitler Sites
by Steven Lehrer

A city by city guidebook, this work provides a unique service to historians by identifying over 150 places in Austria, Germany, France and the United States that are associated with Adolf Hitler.
The Reich Chancellery and Führerbunker Complex
by Steven Lehrer
Germany’s Nazi government made its primary headquarters in one of Berlin’s oldest buildings: the Reich Chancellery. Hitler and his inner circle frequented the site. This complete history focuses on the Nazi occupation.
The Reich Chancellery and Führerbunker Complex by Steven Lehrer
Twelve Wounds
by Carmen Rodriguez and Steven Lehrer

The tightly plotted story of the brutal murder of a Hasidic Jew in Brooklyn, and the assistant district attorney, Carmen Rodriguez, who must prosecute the Hispanic suspect.
Three Plays About Doctors
by Steven Lehrer

War and Psychoanalysis
The Family Doctor
The Abortionist
The History Channel interviews the author about his book, Explorers of the Body, for the program Mavericks, Miracles, and Medicine
Dr. Steven Lehrer

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